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From J.Patterson Waltz III <>
Subject Re: Character encoding problems after 1.1 to 1.2.4 upgrade
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 18:15:17 GMT
On 6 janv. 05, at 18:13, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:
>> I also have another filter, the ResponseOverrideFilter used by
>> displaytag, which appears before the SetCharacterEncodingFilter in my
>> web.xml. I wonder if it could be interfering with the
>> SetCharacterEncodingFilter?
> Yes, if it reads the request parameters or request stream (by
> servlets specs). The SetCharacterEncodingFilter should be put
> first. I think this might be your problem.

Yep. That was it.
I commented out the filter definition for ResponseOverrideFilter and 
everything displayed as expected.
I then reinstated it, placing it *after* the SetCharacterEncodingFilter 
in web.xml, and all was still well.

Really, really annoying to bang one's head on such arcana, but 
oh-so-satisfying when you finally get to the bottom of it. On to the 
next obscure issue...

Thanks for your help, Guillaume

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