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Subject Two Qs re: authentication servlet filter
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 18:16:42 GMT

Can anyone help a newbie out?  I have a couple of questions:

1)  I am implementing a servlet filter for authentication.  In my web app,
a class reunion web site, I want people to be able to login with their
first and last names and a password, instead of a single ID and password,
so I am NOT configuring form-based security and letting TomCat do the work.
Instead, I am checking authorization myself in this filter.  Is this sound
reasoning or does anyone have better ideas?

2)  In web.xml, in the filter-mapping tag, is there a way to say "execute
this filter to all servlets except /"  I tried the following,
using the regular expression carat, but get an "invalid expression" error.
I'd hate to list all servlets and JSPs that should get the filter applied.
More importantly, sounds like an opportunity for errors as new
actions/servlets are created but maybe not added to the list of
filter-mappings.  Here's the attempt at mapping that failed:



Thanks very much!  You guys on this forum are the greatest.  I learn so
much from following various threads...
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