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From Curtis Taylor <>
Subject Re: Validator question
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 05:55:36 GMT
Hi Hubert,

Thanks for the reply; very helpful & much appreciated (as is all your 
work ;-).

I've done a bit more gumshoeing; it seems to me the html:javascript 
tag's exception handling is a bit different than other Struts tags. I 
discovered that the reason that the html:javascript tag printed the 
commons-validator.jar's scripts to the target JSP was the result of 
another non-related tag error (read: pebkac ;-).

So, by commenting it out I was able to discover what the root problem 
was. Perhaps this can be shared on the wiki? I'd be happy to add it to 
the tribal knowledge there...

Thanks again for your help,


Hubert Rabago wrote:
> I'm not exactly sure what you mean.  If you meant the
> <html:javascript> resulted in javascript code being written without
> being surrounded by <script> tags, it happens to me whenever I forget
> to specify the form I wanted validation for.
> <html:javascript formName="..."/>

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