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From Will Stranathan <>
Subject Re: Problem with html:radio when disabled is true
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 12:33:30 GMT
Browsers (AFAIK) don't send a request parameter with disabled radio 
buttons.  You'll have to do some additional checking in the reset() 
method of your bean to set those to the proper values.


On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 02:02:34 -0400
  Néstor Boscán <> wrote:
>I'm working with struts and action forms. I have a form with several 
>and some of them are radio buttons. In some cases I want the radio 
>to be disabled so I put the html:radio tag like this:
><html:radio property="radiobutton" value="Yes" disabled="true"/>
><html:radio property="radiobutton" value="No" disabled="true"/>
>The problem is that if I submit the form and validation fails the 
>form is
>reloaded with all fields except the value of the disabled radio 
>buttons. The
>radio button is not checked with the last value. I tested the same 
>without the disabled property and it works fine.
>Has anyone got the same problem?
>Néstor Boscán

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