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From Will Stranathan <>
Subject Re: Session Strategy
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 12:37:11 GMT
Nope - Andrew is right - JSP's are only part of the configuation and 
support files in a well-written MVC webapp - it's only TEMPLATE text. 
 Just like if you send a canned email, I'm sure you keep your email 
templates under WEB-INF, right?  Well, JSP's are just out.println() 


On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 00:05:22 -0500
  "Frank W. Zammetti" <> wrote:
>That's an interesting view of JSPs.  I've always thought of WEB-INF 
>as configuration and support files only.  In that mindset, a JSP 
>wouldn't fit because it is a piece of the application itself, not 
>configuration and not a support file, like JARs would be for 
>In any case, I'm not trying to argue the point or anything, it's 
>certainly a valid approach.  Just an interesting perspective to me is 
>Frank W. Zammetti
>Founder and Chief Software Architect
>Omnytex Technologies
>Andrew Hill wrote:
>> If you dont keep your JSP under WEB-INF (IMHO thats where they 
>> because they are 'code & config' , just like your classes,jars, and 

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