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From Adam Jenkins <>
Subject Re: direction of effort request please?
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 09:10:43 GMT
Hi Eddie,

Thanks for your response.  I understand what you're saying about the redirect, 
however my primary confusion comes from the fact that <html:errors/> is 
printing out the error.header error.prefix error.suffix error.footer sequence 
without any error messages (in the case of the exception redirect).  My 
problem is not with the error based redirect, it's with the fact that 
<html:errors/> tag doesn't seem to know how it want's to handle it.  I have 
interrogated the org.apache.struts.action.ERROR object and can see that the 
redirect error is included (with the appropriate messages).  And the fact 
that the error header, prefix, suffix and footer gets printed would indicate 
that the <html:errors/> tag is identifying an error exists also.  But the 
actual error message (which has been validated as existing on the 
org.apache.struts.action.Error object) _only_ gets printed out for validation 
errors (not the global redirect one).  So it seems there is a conflict of 
functional requirements.  Either a global error message is printed through 
the html:errors tag, or it's not (in which case the header information also 
shouldn't be).  Does that make sense or am I completely off base?

So my main drive was to pick one or the other of these two 
either modify <html:errors/> so that it doesn't recognise the global errors, 
or to modify it so that when it does, it actually prints the message...unless 
I'm missing something and there's a third strategy?

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 09:13 pm, Eddie Bush wrote:
> Errors get saved in the request.  Redirecting gives you a new request
> - thus you have no errors.  Personally, I think it might be nice if
> these were saved in the session, but there has been (as I recall)
> quite some effort not to have to sessions as some folks don't
> like using them.  They're the only thing you have server-side to
> provide continuity across requests though.
> I tend to catch exceptions in my action and let them clue me in on
> what errors I need to add.
> The redirect is your exact problem.  Do something to stop the redirect
> and you'll stop your problem.
> HTH,
> Eddie
> On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 18:39:39 +1100, Adam Jenkins <> 
> > ----previous email------------
> <snip />
> > form validation errors everything works fine, however it's just that
> > initial redirect where everything goes haywire.
> >
> > Does anyone know what's going on and/or how to fix?
> >
> > Cheers
> > adam
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