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From "Antony Joseph" <>
Subject Re: I need help..
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 17:35:47 GMT
You may want to post the jsp, struts-config.xml and action form so that someone can help you.

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From: "Apte, Dhanashree (Noblestar)" 
To: "'Struts Users Mailing List'" 
Subject: I need help.. 
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 10:55:08 -0600 

> I have a page that needs to display two empty addresses (each address is a 
> combination of street1, street2, city, state, zip) for user input. 
> The Form for that page has a collection of AddressBeans and the jsp iterates 
> over this collection to display the Address section. 
> The Action that displays this page initializes the form's collection to have 
> two empty AddressBeans so that when the jsp iterates over it, it will 
> display the two empty address sections for the user to input data. 
> The problem is that though the page displays correctly with two empty 
> addresses, whatever the user types in is not getting set on the 
> corresponding AddressBeans of the form collection. 
> Am I doing something wrong here? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. 
> I am trying to hit a deadline and I have no clue what is causing this 
> problem. 
> Thanks! 
> Dhanashree. 

Antony Joseph
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