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From Erik Weber <>
Subject Re: [validation] Help with 'contains' validation
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 17:09:00 GMT
This is untested (!), but adapted from a working "twofields" validation 
method (used to make sure password1 matches password2, etc.), so it 
shouldn't be far off the mark.


       <!-- nothing real unusual here -->
      <field property="userID" depends="required,minlength,maxlength">
        <arg0 key="label.userID"/>
        <arg1 name="minlength" key="${var:minlength}" resource="false"/>
        <arg2 name="maxlength" key="${var:maxlength}" resource="false"/>
        <!-- error message would be something like "{0} cannot contain 
fewer than {1} characters", where
                the first arg comes from the bundle (label.userID), but 
the second arg literally comes
                from var-value stated here (because resource = "false") -->

      <!-- using the new custom rule (password value cannot contain 
userID value) -->
      <field property="password" depends="required,mustNotContainUserID">
        <arg0 key="label.password"/>
        <arg1 name="mustNotContainUserID" key="label.userID"/>
         <!-- error message would be something like "{0} value must not 
contain value of {1}", or
                 "password value must not contain value of userID", if 
custom rule is violated -->


    <!-- twoFields -->
    <validator         name="mustNotContainUserID"
     <!-- not sure the difference between depends="required" here versus 
in the field config above -->

ValidationUtil (classname and method specified in validator-rules.xml)

  public static boolean validateDoesNotContainUserID(Object bean, 
ValidatorAction va, Field field, ActionErrors errors, HttpServletRequest 
request) {
    String value = ValidatorUtil.getValueAsString(bean, 
field.getProperty());//value of password field
    String sProperty2 = field.getVarValue("fieldToTest");
    String value2 = ValidatorUtil.getValueAsString(bean, 
sProperty2);//value of field specified by "fieldToTest" -- userID
    if (!GenericValidator.isBlankOrNull(value)) {
      try {
        if (value.indexOf(value2) != -1) {
          errors.add(field.getKey(), Resources.getActionError(request, 
va, field));
          return false;
      } catch (Exception e) {
        errors.add(field.getKey(), Resources.getActionError(request, va, 
        return false;
    return true;


Wendy Smoak wrote:

>(No luck on commons-user; trying again here.)
>I'm trying to validate a password such that it cannot contain the userId.
>Is this something I can do in validation.xml?
>I'm currently using a mask in validation.xml:
> <field property="password" depends="required,mask">
>            <arg0 key="label.password"/>
>            <var>
>               <var-name>mask</var-name>
>               <var-value>^[0-9a-zA-Z!%*-_+=:,\./?]*$</var-value>
>            </var>
>   </field>
>(And I'm not very good at regular expressions, so if there's a better way to
>say "letter, digit, or any of these special characters, I would appreciate a
>Can it be done with validwhen?  How do I say "does not _contain_ userId"?
>I'd like it to be case insensitive, but could live without that if it's
>Wendy Smoak
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