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From Robert Taylor <>
Subject Re: [OT] ORM vs JDBC vs OODBMS (was [OT] ORM vs JDBC)
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2005 15:11:20 GMT

I have zero experience with OODBMS, so I can't comment on that.

I guess my question was geared more towards RDBMS.


Leon Rosenberg wrote:
>>For those applications which are both OLAP and OLTP, then why 
>>not use both types of solutions? For example, let's say I 
>>have a master-detail type report which does a lot of number 
>>crunching and is very complex which returns rows where each 
>>row represents a record detail. Clicking on a row is a simple 
>>query returning the contents of that row to a detail page. 
>>For the report query, I may use a stored procedure or an 
>>optimized query. When I click on a row, I leverage my ORM 
>>solution retrieving the details with a primary key.
>>It seems like this would solve both problems:
>>1. Use ORM to handle the simple CRUD operations. Reduce the 
>>amount of SQL which has to be hand written and maintained.
>>2. Use straight JDBC to handle complex/optimized data retrievals.
> Why not use OODBMS for those cases? You have JDO for simple CRUD operations,
> which is better, easier and faster than any ORM,
> and have OQL to handle compex data retrievals.
> Regards
> Leon
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