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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Re: Multiple ActionForms per ActionMapping
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 19:50:29 GMT
Rick Reumann wrote the following on 3/17/2005 2:29 PM:

> Convincing me that 'more' ActionForms are a good thing is going to be a 
> difficult task, but restate or post your summary propostion and I'll 
> 'attempt' to look at it without any preconceived notions that you might 
> be crazy:)

Jack, I saw your post here on the dev list, and I believe I know the 
problem you are talking about. Yes, I have run into the annoying 
situation where you have a new form you need to set for the resulting 
page you will be forwarded to. I'd argue though that this isn't "that" 
common of occurrence and when it does occur I don't find it that big of 
a deal to just manually instantiate the form that I'll need (in the 
first action) and stuff it into scope so it's ready for the ensuing jsp 
to use.  (I could be wrong, though, in understanding the situation you 
are concerned with.)


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