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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Re: ActionForm problem
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 01:45:41 GMT
Leon Rosenberg wrote the following on 3/17/2005 5:37 PM:
> Actually I was saying the opposite :-) EL makes your page looking
> "uglier"...
> I mean, you can write 
>  ${bean.boolProp?'Yes, I am an idiot':'No, not an idiot'}
> Or
> <% bean.boolProp?"Yes, I am an idiot":"No, not an idiot" %>
> I think the idea of tags was the elimination of scriptlets, and now you
> bring them back through the back door.

You can argue tertiary expressions are ugly.. I don't actually like them 
myself, but, I have to admit that using the c:choose construct all the 
time gets annoying so I do cheat a little and use the tertiary stuff.

> I prefer the tag. 
> <tr class="<xyz:switchStyle/>"> looks easier to read for me,

agree 100% and I've created just such a tag that takes the index of the 
forEach loop as an arg, plus a few additional optional args.

> and also for a web designer, and I think, 
> one of our goals should be, not to write jsps by ourselfs, but enable a
> html-producer to create pages. 

Blah blah:) Been hearing that for years. I'm still waiting to see a shop 
that actually has this clean separation for complex apps (something more 
than a simple shopping cart site). I totally agree to make the pages 
clean (you won't find a scriplet on any of my pages now.. but big deal, 
it's more of a stupid game for myself to do that versus and actual true 
benefit). Bottom line is, if it's a relatively powerful business app, 
there is going to have to be some display logic in the pages which 
requires some knowledge of bean properties etc. And I'll certainly argue 
that using some of the struts tags is WAY more difficult than using 
JSTL. Try to explain to a web guy how all those struts options tags 
work. I guarantee he'll understand the concept of a forEeach construct 
in less time and can thus apply that to whatever he/she needs than 
trying to figure out those options and select tags. Bottom line is, 
unless it's a real simple app, your 'web guy' is going to have to know 
something about beans and bean properties at the very least.


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