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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Re: Multiple ActionForms per ActionMapping
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 03:00:26 GMT
Frank W. Zammetti wrote the following on 3/17/2005 6:35 PM:

> * I could "chain" Actions, i.e., forward to an Action instead of 
> immediately to the second pages' JSP, that is specifically designed to 
> get the values for that dropdown.  Aside from the overhead of the extra 
> pass through the entire framework, it's a kludge anyway.

I totally disagree that the above is a hack or kludge.

First off, if you are using Struts you are always going through a 
controller, even if the basic FowardAction, so even when you say you are 
going "immediately" to another page you are still going through a 

Second, the next page obviously has a form on it and that form will 
submit to an Action. So why is it such a big deal to have a setUp 
dispatch method there? And once you have that setUp method in there 
(which sets up your drop downs), it's just a matter of fowarding to this 
action and giving it the dispatch setUp parameter.

I'm actually suprised you guys think this is such a big deal. The 
situation C that I brought up a couple posts back is much more of 
annoying problem and I thought that's what you were talking about.

Sure you can make it more eloquent by using the chain stuff, or even the 
cool idea you came up with Frank, to setup what you need, but I wouldn't 
see this is a "big problem" as Jack put it.  Actually, Jack, your 
initial post mentions:

"I am surprised if it is not an important point for all of us."

I for one, don't see this as that important in grand scheme of things. I 
  think the apps I'm stuck to work on are pretty complex, but even the 
most basic struts developer can follow the concepts very easily:

Pages submit to DispatchAction methods. Most actions have a prep method 
(setUp concept) used to set up the request (or the form) with any 
necessary items. If you need to get to page that needs something 
preped/setup then simply make sure you go through the appropriate 
DispatchAction prep method.  Are there more flexible solutions out 
there? I'm sure there are. The above has been working fine for me though.


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