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From Stéphane Zuckerman <>
Subject Best practice for "dynamic reloading" of a part of the JSP ?
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 12:46:00 GMT

I am to write JSP pages with a form that has some items (lists, or 
checkboxes) that depend on previous choices from the same form.

So here I have two choices basically :

1°) Load all the information that is possibly needed for a given page, 
hide it, and only show what is relevant with some javascript. For 
instance, If I select some "foo" option in a list, then below in the 
form, a second list is loaded with "bar1", "bar2", "bar3é ... options, 
which are related to the "foo" option.

Drawback : if there are lots of possible options, lots of texts, and 
lots of users, this might be too heavy a solution.

2°) When I select "foo", then some javascript reloads the page (it does 
a post) with the "foo" argument, and the rest of the JSP is loaded. This 
is the way I'd like to take, since some informations mustn't be in the 
clear uselessly.

My problem is that I don't really know where to start and how to do such 
a thing (do I use the same action through different stages ? Or do I put 
a lot of little actions that lead to a single big one ?)

I hope I've been clear enough (I have difficulties finding the right 
phrases to express my problem), and that someone will be able to help me.


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