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From Hubert Rabago <>
Subject Re: RequestProcessor question (redux)
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 16:53:01 GMT
The issue seems to be retaining the user information after a redirect.
 This seems to be beyond Struts.  Perhaps ask the Tomcat user list?

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 11:36:42 -0500, Joe Hertz <> wrote:
> I did try it. Worked fine on my development box.
> But when I deployed it at my hosting company I found that httpSession
> information was getting blown away in the process of doing the redirect. The
> redirect was fine, but on the next submission, the user's credentials were
> gone. Request.getRemoteUser() returned null. When the redirection didn't
> take place, this didn't happen...
> I just did a test where I called super.processActionPerform() and returned
> my ActionForward (a global forward) anyway, and it still happened.
> This is damn puzzling.
> Tomcat version there is slightly newer than the one supported by my IDE...

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