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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: tiles:insert JSP from database
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 10:18:19 GMT
Remember that ultimately, a JSP is a servlet, albeit one which is 
automatically created and compiled by transforming JSP syntax into 

You would need to intervene in this sophisticated and low-level 
process in order to store JSP code in a database and still have it 
work.  It's probably possible in theory, but likely far, far from 

Velocity is probably better suited to your use case; it can do all of 
the basic things that JSP can do, and it is possible to use a variety 
of "resource loaders" to get templates and template fragments; it 
comes with loaders which read from the file system and from the 
classpath; there may already even be one which gets templates from a 


At 1:21 AM -0800 3/10/05, Richard Cox wrote:
>Hi All,
>I am just coming up to speed on tiles and I have searched the archive
>and not found the answer to this one.
>I want to import JSP "files" into my layout which are stored in a
>database. The key issue is that there are JSP tags in the "file"
>stored in the database that need to be evaluated as part of the page.
>I think a controller won't work because it returns information after
>the JSP has been evaluated and the string in the database will contain
>struts and JSTL tags which will get skipped.
>I think it is possible to get this effect from by extending the
>DefinitionFactory class, but I am not sure.
>The other thought that I had was to get the source and extend the
><tiles:insert> tag so that instead of reading from a file, it reads
>from the database. But that seems like overkill.
>Tiles looks great, and I think it can do 100% of what I need, but
>right now I am missing the last  5% with this issue.
>Any thoughts or help is very much appreciated.
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Joe Germuska       
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