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From Scott Lamb <>
Subject Re: Struts DB Access :: Best Practices
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:06:14 GMT
On 10 Mar 2005, at 13:48, NetSQL wrote:
> Ex#2: you can create a cursor to give everyone in NYC a raise, and go 
> by  row by row. Or you can do a set operation in one command. I 
> allways avoid row by row, and allways try to go for set, as per 
> direction by Celko and others. Your millage may vary.

Okay, now I see what you are saying. Yes, a bulk UPDATE is certainly 
faster (and easier) than fetching a ResultSet and firing UPDATEs on 
each row. That's just a matter of using SQL properly.

But this isn't the situation I was talking about. There are times it is 
legitimately necessary to get a large ResultSet in one gulp and pass it 
on to the client. This is what I was talking about; I don't want to 
keep the whole thing in memory.

Scott Lamb <>

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