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From Dakota Jack <>
Subject Re: AW: DownloadAction Application
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 23:51:56 GMT
This is not my area, Frank, so I am running a bit on the "what things
must be like" gas here.  A cluster that does not allow you to have
objects that can be updated in session would not be of much use.  That
is why, after all, you put objects in session.  And, the fact that
this is a file upload should not be that related, since the update is
coming from a read in the UploadOutputStream class.


On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 17:51:44 -0500, Frank W. Zammetti
<> wrote:
> Sounds about right :)  And like I said before, probably some of my
> debate comes from not fully understanding what your doing.
> But, here's where I have some concern... The upload begins and an
> UploadOutputStream starts it's thing.  A Monitor is created, and holds a
> reference to the stream? (or is the other way around?  I'll assume the
> monitor references the stream, since that makes more sense in my head).
>   Either way... the monitor gets dumped in session... Now, the main
> browser window is of course the upload process, the popup window is
> periodically calling some Action that asks the monitor for a status,
> which asks the stream about its status.  No problem yet...
> But... what if those status requests hit a different servet in the
> cluster?  Yes, you can get the reference to the monitor since its in
> session, but does the reference to the stream in the monitor have any
> meaning?  I suspect it doesn't because it exists in a different JVM at
> that point.  Maybe the app server is a lot smarter than I am giving it
> credit for, but if not, that's the problem I still see.
> --
> Frank W. Zammetti
> Founder and Chief Software Architect
> Omnytex Technologies
> Dakota Jack wrote:
> > The bottom line, Frank, is that the monitor is monitoring another
> > class that is running and reading the upload, viz. UploadOutputStream.
> >  I don't know what your setup is, but presumably however you persist
> > the data, this link between the monitor, which is referenced in the
> > output stream wrapper itself is part of the read process, cannot be
> > broken.  Right?
> >
> > Jack
> >
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