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Subject html:form action and relative URLs addressed in 1.2 ?
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:01:31 GMT

I have been building a fairly large Java webapp for 3 years now, and 
it was originally using Struts 1.0.  Due to search engine 
optimization, we ended up doing lots or URL manipulation via 
mod_rewrite.  But then the problem was that when the user submitted 
the struts form, it would lose the URL. i.e. if the url was:
(the directories /arizona and /phoenix are not real, but mod_rewrite 
passes the values to the jsp page.)
and the struts form was:
<html:form action="" focus="name">
It would end up at:    instead of

So, we looked around and found a Struts 1.1 source customization 
called "IsRelative".
(submitted by Erik Tennant as Bugzilla bug  #17449)
We compiled it (after many,many tries) and it worked - such as:
<html:form action="" focus="name" isRelative="true">
which then kept the URL intact.

My question is whether Struts 1.2 or later has some kind of built in 
functionality like this now?  I'd like to be able to upgrade to later 
versions of Struts over the years, and not have to go through all of 
the hassle of customizing the source code each time.


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