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From Brandon Mercer <>
Subject Re: Nested Beans
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 16:45:27 GMT
Hubert Rabago wrote:

>You might find the nested tags interesting:
><%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-nested.tld" prefix="nested" %>
><nested:root name="information">
>    <nested:write property="name"/><br/>
>    <nested:write property="addr"/><br/>
>    <nested:iterate property="school">
>         <nested:write property="schoolname"/><br/>
>         <nested:write property="location"/><br/>
>    </nested:iterate>
Still a bit miffed.  I'm not sure if it's beanutils that is not copying
the List into the new bean... or if I can't figure out this nested tag. 
I put that code snippet into my JSP and changed the information around
several times and I still don't see the info being printed on my page. 
I guess my next question is... is the JSP code different if I have a
list of beans, as opposed to a single Bean stored in my bean.  I have
the List.  Another OT question is, will beanutils copy a List of Beans
into the new Bean as a List of beans?  i.e.
List school = mgr.getSchoolList(id);

BeanUtils.copyProperties(information,  schools);

Thanks Guys!

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