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From Jorge Chacón Souto <>
Subject Re: obtaining an action's ActionMapping
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 07:07:03 GMT
I suppose that you refer to doing something like this:

ModuleConfig module = ModuleUtils.getInstance().getModuleConfig(request);
ActionMappingAplicacionWeb map = (ActionMappingAplicacionWeb) 

It returns null, I don't know why.
Any help?


Hubert Rabago escribió:

>Try ModuleUtils.getInstance().findActionConfig("actionB");
>On 5/23/05, Jorge Chacón Souto <> wrote:
>>Anybodoy knows how can I access the action B's ActionMapping from the
>>Action A (a preprocessing filter that is executed before every action) ?
>>I have to do that because I need to read the properties of many actions
>>in the filter, to check if the user can execute those actions.
>>I've tried the method
>>ConfigHelper.*getActionMapping*(java.lang.String path), but it returns
>>null because it's not implemented yet.
>>In Struts 1.0 there was a ActionServlet.findmapping method.
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