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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Using Jsf, Struts, Tiles... and Frames?
Date Sat, 28 May 2005 09:41:22 GMT
On 26/05/05 19:46&nbsp;Mariano Petrakovsky wrote:
>  I'm using Jsf with Struts and Tiles... displaying a header, a tree (at
> left) and content.
>  The tree is big to reaload some time a request begin.
>  Frame is the my first idea... but... reading I'm found this link
>  I have a tiles.xml like this
> -----
>    tiles-definitions>
> 	<definition name="layout.main" path="/template/template.jsp">
> 		<put name="header" value="/common/header.jsp" />
> 		<put name="toolbar" value="/common/toolbar.jsp" />
> 		<put name="menu" value="/common/navigation.jsp" />
> 		<put name="menubar" value="/common/menu.jsp" />
> 	</definition>
> 	<definition name="/page1.tiles" extends="layout.main">
> 		<put name="body" value="/page1.jsp" />
> 	</definition>
>    ....
> ---
> The each page change only the body in the template... but all other parts
> are realoded (header & menu's).
> How resolve this? :S.. if Frames is the solution... how mix with the other
> stuff?

You mix frames with the other stuff by specifying the target attribute 
on your link and form tags.

I can't remember the exact values, but something like target="_top" will 
cause the whole frameset to be reloaded with the next response, and 
leaving it off will cause just your frame to be reloaded.

You can find the values of target on You can also name the 
frames in the frameset and then use them as values for target.

However frames are no fun. If you are using XHTML and a tableless 
layout, you should have fairly lean HTML that reloads quickly and your 
users won't worry about the small increase in download time when using 


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