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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Struts with PHP
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 16:34:01 GMT
At 6:18 PM +0200 5/2/05, Stéphane Zuckerman wrote:
>  > On 5/2/05, Rafael Taboada <> wrote:
>>>  Hi folks... I'm working right now with PHP...
>>>  Is it possible to combine PHP with struts? I mean, instead to JSP, use PHP.
>Folashade Adeyosoye a écrit :
>>hmm, good question, but i would not think so, one system developed in
>>struts can call a PHP and vise-visa, but i dont think they can be
>>1. PHP has a diff processor compared to java/jsp/struts
>Well, I'm not saying this is possible either... 
>But after all, people manage to do Struts + 
>XML/XSLT without JSP. So why not with PHP ?

Is there a Java PHP interpreter yet?  If not, how 
would the PHP environment have access to the 
request, session, and application context?

I know there's a JSR for "scripting in Java" 
which has a strong PHP focus -- but I don't think 
it's done yet.


Joe Germuska       
"Narrow minds are weapons made for mass destruction"  -The Ex

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