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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Struts 1.3, chain & command configuration / few thoughts..
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 10:46:04 GMT
Hi, Marco:

Since you first brought up using Spring to configure the chain, that 
has been on the back of my mind.  Probably like you, as I use Spring 
more in an application I find it frustrating to bump up against 
places where I can't seem to connect to the ApplicationContext or 
otherwise use Spring's DI services.

I haven't needed what you describe yet, but I've been thinking about 
it.  I've made a few changes both to commons-chain and Struts and I 
think the path is now clear, although you'll still have to write some 

Last week I committed changes to commons-chain LookupCommand and the 
base Struts RequestProcessor which expose the CatalogFactory as a 
settable property.  This gets around the fundamental problem of 
having them always go to the static CatalogFactory instance managed 
by the CatalogFactory class.  Now you can have both of them use a CF 
created by Spring.

So really, all you should need to do is write a custom subclass of 
ComposableRequestProcessor which gets its base CatalogFactory from 
Spring during the init method.   Then, you'd have to adapt the 
default chain-config.xml into Spring's bean-factory XML syntax so as 
to create a CatalogFactory and register the "struts" catalog all in 

Until/unless Struts actually has a dependency upon Spring, I'm not 
sure that we can do much more in the core library itself.  But I 
think you can get there if you want to.


At 10:48 AM +0100 5/4/05, Marco Mistroni wrote:
>Hello all,
>	I am currently using Struts 1.3dev in my application, and I have
>recently bothered the list to find a way to configure commands via
>Now, just yesterday, I came across an article
>on how The new RequestProcessor is used in Struts 1.3...
>Struts 1.3 uses a chain-config.xml and custom chan configs that allows
>To 'override' or change the behaviour of request processor.
>Following that article I have implemented my custom command for
>pre-processing in RequestProcessor (as showed in article).
>Question is: what if I want to use some of my spring beans in one of
>'request processor' commands?
>Currently, in my app, I am using commands for doing various logic, and
>Commands are configured via Spring by using a Spring plugin..
>But I am not sure I can do same with RequestProcessor commands, since
>the chain-config.xml file is read at initialization time, when I suppose
>the Spring plugin has not been initialized yet... so the bean won't be
>If I remember correct, there's a way in Spring to say that a 'bean' will
>be initialized only after  'beanx' has been initialized (I guess is a
>'depend' attribute ein applicationContext.xml)..
>But will this work for RequestProcessor commands?
>Hope I was clear enough to explain my problem...
>Thanx in advance and regars
>	marco
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Joe Germuska       
"Narrow minds are weapons made for mass destruction"  -The Ex

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