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From "Vic Cekvenich (netsql)" <>
Subject Re: [POLL] What do you use action forms for?
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 12:40:24 GMT
Some of you needs a struts mentor ;-)

You use display any bean or collection in struts, if it's RO, you don't 
use formBeans and you use JSTL/displaytag.
If you edit, update, insert, etc, you have to use and map a form bean 
and html tag.

Often do I see a formBean mapped on a page that only outputs....
Or a new Formbean() in action (when struts gives you the handle)....


Michael Jouravlev wrote:
> Turns out, that my way of using action forms differs from many other
> Struts users' habits. So, I am wondering how do you use action forms.
> I could not find the same poll in mailing list archives, so I am
> starting this one.
> You can answer here in the thread, or in the poll form, which I
> created on my site: But
> don't answer in both places ;) I wish wiki had a way to do polls.
> What is your preferred way to use action forms?
> #1 Prefer not to use action forms at all
> #2 For input data only (usually collected from HTML form)
> #3 For output only (to be used in JSP)
> #4 Same form for input and output
> #5 One form for input, another for output
> #6 Other
> Thanks, 
>    Michael.

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