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From Randy Kennedy <>
Subject Re: Easy form populate question for gurus
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 00:06:10 GMT
Well, I finally figured out a solution to this problem outlined below.  Thought I would share
it with the group in case someone else runs into this same problem.

The problem is somewhere between the Jakarta Commons BeanUtils in conjunction with a LazyValidatorForm.
 Since the LazyValidatorForm class is all about being lazy (like me) where you don't have
to define your fields unless they're associated with custom classes, there is a problem when
you go to initialize the form with database data that contains null values.  I thought that
since my value object had the fields defined as java.lang.String objects that they would be
translated to that in the form object when using BeanUtils.copyProperties(...), but that's
not always the case.  I had to actually use a <form-property> element in the LazyValidatorForm
definition in the struts config file defining that the field is a String field.  This defeats
the whole purpose for me using the LazyValidatorForm method in the first place.

Anyway, it fixed my problem, and it appears that I have to stop being lazy.  ;-(

Randy Kennedy
Software Engineer
Appriss, Inc. (Provider of the VINE Service)
10401 Linn Station Road, Suite 200
Louisville, KY  40223-3842

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Randy Kennedy wrote:

> Here is a snippet from my initializing action before it goes to the 
> form view:
> ...
>        LazyValidatorForm ppForm = (LazyValidatorForm)form;
>        ProtectedPersonLocal ppl = null;
>        ProtectedPersonDTO dto = null;
>        String sid = null;
>              sid = request.getParameter("sid");
>                  ppl = 
> (ProtectedPersonLocal)EJBHelper.getLocalInstance(ProtectedPersonLocalHome.JNDI_NAME);

>        dto = ppl.getProtectedPersonBySid(sid);
>        BeanUtils.copyProperties(ppForm, dto);
> ....
> The values in question are java.lang.String objects.  Should be basic 
> stuff right?  I stepped through the debugger, and the 
> LazyValidatorForm object is being set correctly for the null strings 
> from my VO; however, when it comes to displaying the form for editing, 
> the "null" fields contain an object reference like 
> java.lang.Object@75ea85.  If I update the form with any type of text 
> values, it'll show correctly the next time that I go to update the 
> data.  It's only happening when there are null values involved.
> Hubert Rabago wrote:
>> Please provide more information.  How is your form configured/written?
>> Are there "initial" values?  What is the type of the data from which
>> you're copying a value?
>> Hubert
>> On 5/20/05, Randy Kennedy <> wrote:
>>> Why does an object reference (e.g. java.lang.Object@75ea85) show up in
>>> my text fields when I prepopulate the form using Jakarta commons
>>> BeanUtils.copyProperties(...)?  The values in the database are null, 
>>> and
>>> I know this has something to do with it, so I guess my real question 
>>> is,
>>> "How do I fix it?".
>>> -- 
>>> Randy Kennedy
>>> Appriss, Inc.
> -- 
> Randy Kennedy
> Software Engineer
> Appriss, Inc. (Provider of the VINE Service)
> 10401 Linn Station Road, Suite 200
> Louisville, KY  40223-3842
> Web   :,
> Email :

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