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From Dakota Jack <>
Subject Re: Seeking advice image resizing
Date Sat, 07 May 2005 18:36:28 GMT
There is a lot to know in this area.  ImageIO is good and the AWT is
okay.  JAI is the up to date Java standard.  Unless you just want to
grab someone else's code, which is okay, you have a lot of learning to
do.  There are numerous good books and tutorials around.

I have built classes to resize, crop, border, add text, grayscale,
convolve, overlay, swtich between types (gif, jpeg, etc), etc.  A lot
of what I have done began with studying the contents of Abey
Mullassery's image tags in the commons taglib library.  I suggest you
start there.  He has a Poor Mans Imaging Wrapper which, contary to the
nomative adjective rule on hyphens, is called the "Poor Man's Imaging
Wrapper" or PMIW.  Look at that for cool solutions for AWT, Java2D and
JAI.  He is also very helpful and I hope to add to his code out of
gratefulness soon.  (He is also very busy, so be advised on that.)

Applications are what I build for a living, so this is not presently
available for free use.  However, this application will soon be on the
web for the free use of anyone and everyone.  So, if you are thinking
of a commercial product be aware that.

On 5/5/05, Scott Purcell <> wrote:
> Not truly struts related, but I would assume that people on this list know a solution,
or workaround for what appears to be a common dilemma.
> I have created a ECommerce type site, in which there are three display sized images.
A 125x125 thumb, a 256x256 preview, and a 100% original view for a product.
> My application is 100% struts, running on Tomcat 5.x. I would like to be able to upload
the original, them create the preview, and thumb from the original.
> Is there a simple java solution for this? I know there are things like image magic, etc,
but eventually I am going to have this site hosted, and want a simple, effective solution.
Or is the solution to pre-create these and upload three unique uploads. And if that is the
case, can this be done with one multipart form using the commons file uploader? Or do I need
a wizard type approach, where they upload original, next page, preview, etc.?
> Any info would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Scott
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