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From Al Breight <>
Subject dynamic forwarding
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 22:05:18 GMT
I am working on struts interface that will support a core set of functionality 
upon which products can add functionality. Several products may be installed on 
one system,  all sharing the core functionality. The products that adopt the 
core functionality cannot change it, they can only add to it and the core 
functionality has no knowledge of any of the products that use it. The core set 
of functionality has several pages which are followed by pages specific to a 
product.  The problem is this: when on a system with several products 
installed, the user will access the several core pages, indicating which 
product they are using (and these pages/action classes have no built in 
knowledge of the products). Then the pages for the product selected need to be 
presented. So what I need to do is figure a way of going from "core" page X 
to "product" page Y with out "hardcoding" the forwarding in the struts config 
file. The action class following core page X will have the name identifying the 
product. What would be great is if mapping.findForward() supported a way to 
pass in the path that should be forwarded to. The path could be something 
like "product". 

Has anyone dealt with a similiar issue?


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