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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: [W3OT][OT] Business Layer Ideas
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 23:35:50 GMT
Thanks for reviewing that thread, Frank. I really didn't want to read 
all those posts. :)

On 01/06/05 23:53&nbsp;Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
> Wow, so *this* is what it's like being the parent of Rosemary's baby!
> I wonder if there has ever been a more OT thread?
> Allow me to summarize all the salient points, and perhaps this thread 
> can die peacefully...
> (1) Patterns are good, but don't cram'em in everywhere you have any 
> problem to solve.  And if you DO feel the need to cram'em in everywhere, 
> I can suggest one other place you should be cramming them.
> (2) OOP is great, but don't give me a 500-class hierarchy to walk.  I 
> can comprehend the geometry of a tesseract, but not some of the 
> convoluted messes some people spew out just because they read the terms 
> inheritance, polymorphism, composition and overloading in some "Teach 
> Yourself To Take Someone's Job That Actual Knows Their Ass From Their 
> Elbow In 24 Hours" books.
> (2a) Don't give me 5 classes with 5,000 lines of code a piece either! 
> Your someone that would use a damned goto if it was implemented!
> (3) If you never did Assembly, you suck (Laugh, damn it!  That's a joke! 
>  Ooooooorrrr is it??)
> (4) IDEs are fine, but if you can't do yourself what those 3 buttons you 
> just clicked did for you, get outta my shop.  Look, I use a lathe rather 
> than widdle the decorative legs on my kitchen chairs, but the point is I 
> COULD widdle them if I wanted to.  Using modern development tools is 
> much like that.
> (4a) If you can't debug your own damned code without a bouncing ball 
> leading you through line-by-line, you have no business writing that code 
> in the first place.  I'm not suggesting you HAVE to put a System.out 
> after each line of code, but if your relying on the IDE to hold your 
> hand to understand what's going on in your own code, hit yourself with a 
> hammer, please.
> (5) Much like the Red Sox until their World Series win, LISP proponents 
> are never going to stop whining about how great their language of choice 
> is until it's king of the hill.  In other words, they're never going to 
> stop whining.
> (6) C/C++ creates unmaintainable nightmare code.  If you suck at it. 
> Same for Java.  Same for LISP.  Same for Pascal.  Same for ADA.  Same 
> for f'ing BASIC.  Anyone see a pattern here?!? (Let me be the first to 
> name it: it's Frank Zammetti's "ProgrammersSuckNotLanguages" pattern).
> (7) The Timex Sinclait 1000/ZX81 is the PC we should all have on our 
> desktops.  If you want to "multitask", buy two.
> (8) The German version of Outlook is stupid because to us Americans it 
> looks like everyone is talking about Root Beer all the time (Review the 
> thread... review the thread...)
> (9) Nothing is complex.  There's your Zen moment for the day.
> (10) Corollary to #9: Everything is complex.  Buddhist moment for the day.
> (Zen.  Buddhist.  Zen-Buddhist.  I admit, I don't know what I'm talking 
> about!)
> (11) Most of you apparently went to school in the Alps because it seems 
> to have snowed a lot and been very uneven ground.  And you did funny 
> things with news periodicals.
> (12) Struts 1.3 uses the CoR pattern.  Or maybe it's the IoC pattern. Or 
> maybe it's the RTFM pattern.  Could be the WtF pattern.  No one knows. 
> (That's another joke... geez, if I have to tell you that I'm really not 
> doing a good job, am I?!?)
> (13) Wednesday is the new Friday apparently.
> (14) C is such a lousy language that NOBODY would EVER use it.  Sorry 
> Linus, I guess that whole kernel thing of yours was a big mistake. Ditto 
> for Windows.  Ditto for Halo.  Ditto for <insert your favorite COTS 
> piece of software here more than likely>.  C++ is C with MORE chances to 
> blow your foot off.  Again, if you suck.  Conclusion: everything should 
> be written in Logo.  I dare say no one has ever written a buggy, 
> insecure piece of software in Logo.  Better Logo than actually knowing 
> what your doing.  God forbid.
> (15) Everyone has an opinion,  No one is afraid to use it.  This, 
> interestingly enough, is the exact opposite of nuclear weapons: few have 
> them, everyone is afraid to use them!
> (16) If you ever have a philosophy final where the assignment is simply 
> to prove that the chair in the middle of the room exists, write "What 
> chair??" in the middle of the paper, hand it in and walk out.  Rejoice 
> in your 5-seconds A+.
> Ok, I'm done.  I got a kid bugging me to play Area 51.  Time to get my 
> butt kicked.
> Frank
> Rahul Akolkar wrote:
>> Allow me to define a new marker (Way, ) times 3 OT. I have left OT in
>> for existing filters.
>> -Rahul
>> P.S.- 1) I suspect this is how DJ went to programming school [
>> ]*
>> 2) You can convince the peasant Leon, given gas prices [
>> ]*
>> *[All images copyright respective websites ]
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