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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Does it make sense to use Struts?
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2005 09:27:20 GMT
On 20/06/05 09:22&nbsp;Lars Brandt wrote:
> Currently we have a component that uses JSP's but for this new project we are
> going to use a custom built java client for presentation. As we now have some
> time we want to redesign our system and at the same time see if there are other
> technologies that we can use.
> One of our questions is regating the input and output (request, response) which
> in this case will be our own xml format and not html,jsp or such. Does it make
> sence to use Struts then?

You need to phrase your questions in terms of the Model-View-Controller 
pattern. If the XML is the view, then yes, struts will help because 
struts provides a strong controller. There are taglibs etc in struts 
which for you would be superfluous, but the advantages of using struts 
for the controller are great.

> Currently in our system we use a single xml file to describe a "process" which
> usually consist of multiple pages. Each page has navigation information,
> processing information and so on.
> If we use Struts it seems we need to divide this files into the files that
> Struts expects and then have all other processing information for a process or a
> page in a second file that our part of the component uses.

That sounds logical. You may well find on looking closer that much of 
your extra functionality is covered by struts. There's not alot struts 
can't do. If not, you would probably best combine your extra non-struts 
behaviour with struts by implementing it as a plugin.


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