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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: [OT] Stinking 2 cents
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 00:06:01 GMT
Yan Hu on 29/06/05 22:35, wrote:
> Look at the job market for the server side now. 3 years ago, .Net 
> took only 20% of the server side market. Now it is creeping up to 
> 40%. .Net is better or faster than Java?  Nah.. Some .Net zealots 
> otained some benchmarks on Tiger and .Net1.1 using linPack.  Tiger
> outperformed .Net. But why is .NET creeping up so fast?
> contributes to a great portion of its success. One of my friends is a
> NET develepor. I envy his speed of rolling out (small to medium
> sized) web applications like they were egg rolls. Only the market
> tells what is good nor not..... You have one thousand sound reasons
> to back up what you claim. If the market says "no", then it is
> garbage........

In my humble opinion the struts community has not grasped an opportunity
which would see it compete against .NET and other java frameworks. 
Struts should shrink.

I'm thinking of Maven. The most contentious yet inspired point about
Maven is that you just have to follow the 'Maven way' or you won't gain
any advantage over Ant. Yet if you do make that paradigm shift and do
your project the Maven way, the benefits are massive.

Struts should offer a best-of approach, and offer a whole set of
documentation that steers the web developer down that path.

Such a focus during future struts development would allow many
compromises to be thrown out in favour of the more efficient but
limiting choices, which would translate into shorter turn-around times
for struts web-app developers who went along with it.

My 2 cents.


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