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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: [OT] Re: Unacceptable Behaviour of ......
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 19:43:47 GMT on 30/06/05 18:40, wrote:
> Sheesh man, I'm not calling for a ban on anyone, but give Niall a
> break. Niall is one of the most helpful people I've ever met online.
> Mark comes in here and says "Struts is dead" and calls everyone
> faggots, etc., ad nauseum. He might behave that way on many lists,
> but all of us who don't know him don't know that, and we're not used
> to it. It doesn't bother me what people say in general, but if it
> bothers Niall, and Joe, then suddenly it bothers me too. These guys
> work too hard -- for us (at least partially for us). This list is
> supposed to be about volunteering -- providing support for Struts. If
> I was a new user and I walked into this list yesterday, I'd be saying
> to myself, how can Struts really be any good (or worth it) if this is
> what it's like to hang out in the community? The committers don't
> deserve that. It's just a matter of showing respect for others. I
> wouldn't come into your house and purposely grind mud into your
> carpet. This is not the Internet at-large, this is the Apache
> Struts-user list.


not that I use it, but the subscribers using Digest format do not have 
the choice of using filters.

I think it's best to cut the wise cracks, cheap shots and sound bites 
and resist the temptation to express your humour unless it's Friday. 
Which it will be in about 4 hours here.


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