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From Glenn DeschĂȘnes <>
Subject Re: I18N by pages
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 13:52:32 GMT
What you can do is have a jsp for each locale language such as
page_fr.jsp and page_en.jsp.

Your application can store the locale in the user's session object.
Your application can update the session locale when the user switches
between en & fr.

You can have the following forwards for the action in the struts-config.xml:
<forward name="en" path="/WEB-INF/page_en.jsp">
<forward name="fr" path="/WEB-INF/page_fr.jsp">

In your ActionForm you can:
return mapping.findForward(get the locale language from the session);


On 6/24/05, Yaroslav Novytskyy <> wrote:
> Hello, all!
> I just wonder if there is an existing (tested, prooved) way (a kind of
> development pattern) for Struts to make internationalization not by
> message resources but by pages (JSPs, templates)?
> The point is that using message resources deleloper can only define a
> string value for different locales. For example for "en" welcome=aaa
> for "fr" welcome=bbb, and you include it like <title><out
> "welcome"></title>. This produces "<title>aaa</title>" for "en"
> "<title>bbb</title>" for "fr".
> That makes you limited to localizing only strings, but not the format.
> E.G. I would like to output "<title>aaa</title>" for "en" and
> "<h1>bbb</h1>" for "fr". And this not the matter of defining this
> strings (<h1>bbb</h1>) in message bundles, but I would like to use
> separate JSPs for "en" and "fr" and that is the point. I would like have
> two jsp files: page1.en.jsp with content of "<title>aaa</title>" and
> with "<h1>bbb</h1>". (P.S. this reduces much (maybe even
> terminates) the mess with message bundles).
> Please write all your suggestions and thoughts.
> Best regards
> Yaroslav Novytskyy
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