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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Validation Configuration for Multiple Modules
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 20:02:00 GMT on 11/10/05 07:20, wrote:
> I'm using *Struts 1.1* to build an application with multiple Struts 
> modules.
> I put my validations for each module in a seperate validations.xml 
> file. For example, I have validations-a.xml for module a and 
> validations-b.xml for module b. I then found out that although the 
> validations are working perfectly for module a, they're not working at 
> all for module b.
> I kept tracing the problem even in the Struts source code, and reached 
> the conclusion that the validations for one module overwrite the other. 
> It seems that the FormSet objects are stored in a HashMap with the 
> locale as the key, and since both formsets have the same locale, one of 
> them overwrites the other. Are my conclusions correct or am I doing 
> something wrong? Does that mean I have to put all my validations for 
> the whole application in one file?

Presumably in each module's struts-config, your validator plugin node 
refers to the correct validation.xml?

I doubt it's a bug since I successfully set up modularised struts with 
seperate validation.xml for each.


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