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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Why I Hate Struts Modules
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 21:10:33 GMT

does that work for all config items including global exceptions etc, as 
was discussed earlier?


Hubert Rabago on 12/10/05 17:09, wrote:
> Paul,
> You can declare something like a struts-config-common.xml which will
> contain the config items that are common among your modules and then
> include them in your config declarations:
> <param-name>config</param-name >
> <param-value>
> /WEB-INF/classes/elms/resource/struts-config-common.xml,
> /WEB-INF/classes/elms/resource/struts-config.xml
> </param-value>
> <param-name>config/module2</param-name >
> <param-value>
> /WEB-INF/classes/elms/resource/struts-config-common.xml,
> /WEB-INF/classes/elms/resource/struts-config-module2.xml
> </param-value>
> <param-name>config/module3</param-name >
> <param-value>
> /WEB-INF/classes/elms/resource/struts-config-common.xml,
> /WEB-INF/classes/elms/resource/struts-config-module3.xml
> </param-value>
> hth,
> Hubert
> On 10/11/05, Paul Benedict <> wrote:
>>Great subject line, isn't it? :)
>>OK. I've been doing Struts for like 2-3 years now, and
>>Struts Modules I loved for awhile but now I absolutely
>>can't stand them....
>>First off, my initial appeal to modules was to split
>>up the configuration files so different developers can
>>work on the project without people waiting for
>>check-outs. That sounds like a good deal, but Modules
>>are MORE than splitting up configuration files - they
>>are these Berlin Walls kind of construction where
>>forms and actions can't be shared across them ....
>>unless you want to define them in multiple config
>>See, after all these years, I really wanted was to
>>split files up. Modules don't gain me anything, do
>>they? I know (or I think) when Craig wrote Struts 0.x,
>>he had an action.xml which did something similar....
>>Now I could create file of just actions and use XML
>>ENTITIES to include them, but I never see people doing
>>that solution. Is it not well-known or frown upon?
>>So I am kind of sick of Struts modules. More so, now
>>that I have to declare my Struts global exception
>>handler in every config file!! This gets ridiculous
>>after 5 modules... and forget about it if you have a
>>project with 50 modules.
>>Too much configuration duplication.
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