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From Laurent <>
Subject Re: <html:file> elements appearance
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 11:40:09 GMT
Anna Krajewska wrote:
> I have a problem with <html:file> tag. I want to set a styleclass or some style
parameters for the button, but when I set styleClass="button" and styleId=""something" (I
did not manage to find what this attribute is for, and there is no difference beetween situations
when it's present in the tag an when it's not) where "button" is my css style class - both
elements seem to change their appearance. What is more - only the field changes it's backgroundcolor
and font (eg. border works for both of them). What am I doing wrong? Is it possible anyway
to separate their appearance features?

Hi, this has more to do with HTML/CSS than Struts, and is highly
dependant on which browser you are testing it on.
See <>

The styleId attribute is for setting the HTML id attribute, used in CSS
stylesheets or JavaScript.

PS. Please wrap your emails.

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