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From "Bryon Lape" <>
Subject Re: Is the best way to have multiple struts-config.xml andtiles-defs.xml files, modules?
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:57:12 GMT
Along similar lines, I have a question of using modules for
internationalization.  We have a requirement to not only support i18n, but
to be able to tell the client how many of their visitors are seeing which
language version of any particular web page.  I had thought of using
modules to help keep message resources and to generate URLs that contain
the language information.  Is there a better way to track such


> Some people prefer to stay away from modules (I have a vague memory of at
> least one Struts committer saying they generally try to avoid them for
> example).  One option that Craig turned me on to (and I hope I'm
> remembering this right!) is using entities to import XML into another.  If
> the only real purpose of using modules is to better organize your multiple
> struts-config files and tiles-defs, this might be a good answer.
> <!ENTITY struts_config_2 SYSTEM "config_files/struts_config_2.xml">
> ...
> &struts_config_2;
> That, more or less, functions as an import, as I recall (someone PLEASE
> correct me if I got the syntax, or the concept of course, wrong).
> Of course, if you have another purpose for modules, like if you have a
> desktop CRM application that has a number of largely independent
> sub-components (I picked this example because we're discussing this very
> thing right now), then they might be a good fit.
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> Frank W. Zammetti
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> Omnytex Technologies
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> On Tue, October 11, 2005 4:36 pm, Preston CRAWFORD said:
>> I've done this in the past. Used modules to logically (and for the sake
>> of having sane config files) break up these config files. However I'm
>> wondering if anyone avoids using modules and maybe merges the files
>> using ANT or something? Reason I ask is because I know there are
>> pitfalls to using modules and I'm not sure I want to have to deal with
>> them for this project (pitfalls like switching between the parent and
>> the module, pathnames, etc.).
>> Preston
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