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From "Martin Gainty" <>
Subject Re: action class not being called for repeat initial requests when using validation
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:00:23 GMT
There are a number of solutions I would suggest looking at JBuilder doc 
located at,1963,32246,00.html

the fastest way is for your button to route to your jsp page is to route to 
the page identified by the action mapping in struts-config.xml For example 
here is a form which routes to logon page URI when username, password are 
satisfied and submit is called
<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-html.tld" prefix="html" %><html:form 
action="" focus="userName"><br>        User Name: <html:text 
maxlength="16" property="userName" size="16"/><br />        Password: 
<html:text maxlength="16" property="password" size="16"/><br /><html:submit

value="Submit" property="Submit"/><html:reset value="Reset"/></html:form>you

could also place in a html:link to forward such as <html:link forward="Home">
whereas Home idenitifies a URI which you will link to
from the definition associated with 'home' in the Global forwards defined in 

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From: "John Andrews" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:57 AM
Subject: action class not being called for repeat initial requests when 
using validation

>I have the action mapping below in my struts config file:
>        <action
>            path="/packageActionCreateT"
>            type="struts.actions.packages.PackageAction"
>            name="PackageForm"
>            input="/pages/createPackage.jsp"
>            parameter="dispatch"
>            scope="session">
>        <forward name="createPackagePage" path="/pages/createPackage.jsp"/>
>        <forward name="createPackageTResults"
> path="/pages/createPackageTResults.jsp"/>
>        </action>
> When I request that the corresponding action be executed using the URL:
> e
> Then the action is only executed once - unless i hit the submit button on
> the createPackage.jsp page. On all other ocasions the action will act just
> like a forward. It will just forward straight back to the 
> createPackage.jsp
> page. This I presume? is because the validation is finding the 
> corresponding
> formbean in the session and then going straight back to the jsp page.
> However it is not acting exactly like a normal validation because the
> incorrect fields are not highlighted.
> Is there someway to get the validator to only return directly to the jsp
> page only after a submit - not after an initial request? - or is there 
> some
> other good way to solve/design around this issue?
> Thanks for any help
> John
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