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From "John Andrews" <>
Subject action class not being called for repeat initial requests when using validation
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:57:07 GMT
I have the action mapping below in my struts config file:

        <forward name="createPackagePage" path="/pages/createPackage.jsp"/>
        <forward name="createPackageTResults"

When I request that the corresponding action be executed using the URL:

Then the action is only executed once - unless i hit the submit button on
the createPackage.jsp page. On all other ocasions the action will act just
like a forward. It will just forward straight back to the createPackage.jsp
page. This I presume? is because the validation is finding the corresponding
formbean in the session and then going straight back to the jsp page.
However it is not acting exactly like a normal validation because the
incorrect fields are not highlighted.

Is there someway to get the validator to only return directly to the jsp
page only after a submit - not after an initial request? - or is there some
other good way to solve/design around this issue?

Thanks for any help

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