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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: Why I Hate Struts Modules
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:30:21 GMT
At 8:08 AM -0600 10/12/05, Brian Holzer wrote:
>Hey Paul or anyone else,
>    Could you elaborate on Paul's  Berlin Wall comment.  We have just
>started using modules, but haven't come across anything like this yet.

Well, as Paul mentioned, you have to repeat certain things (like 
global exception handlers, perhaps common messages in the 
message-resources) because Struts essentially assumes that each 
module wants nothing to do with any of the other modules.

I've used modules in the past, but I too found the walls too high; 
since the only real functionality I wanted was splitting config 
files, once I realized there are other ways to do that, I stopped 
using modules.


>>>>  Paul Benedict <> 11/10/2005 10:39:44 pm >>>
>Great subject line, isn't it? :)
>OK. I've been doing Struts for like 2-3 years now, and
>Struts Modules I loved for awhile but now I absolutely
>can't stand them....
>First off, my initial appeal to modules was to split
>up the configuration files so different developers can
>work on the project without people waiting for
>check-outs. That sounds like a good deal, but Modules
>are MORE than splitting up configuration files - they
>are these Berlin Walls kind of construction where
>forms and actions can't be shared across them ....
>unless you want to define them in multiple config
>See, after all these years, I really wanted was to
>split files up. Modules don't gain me anything, do
>they? I know (or I think) when Craig wrote Struts 0.x,
>he had an action.xml which did something similar....
>Now I could create file of just actions and use XML
>ENTITIES to include them, but I never see people doing
>that solution. Is it not well-known or frown upon?
>So I am kind of sick of Struts modules. More so, now
>that I have to declare my Struts global exception
>handler in every config file!! This gets ridiculous
>after 5 modules... and forget about it if you have a
>project with 50 modules.
>Too much configuration duplication.
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