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From Mark S Petrovic <>
Subject Newbie help with Struts idiom: functional if/else tags
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 18:17:15 GMT
Good day.  I am new to Struts, and while I am coming up to speed, I'm
still struggling with what are surely common idioms.

In a JSP, I want to output, say, a <td> element body conditionally based
on a given bean property.

In pseudocode, I want

if == true
   print <td> X </td>
   print <td> Y </td>

I examined the Struts Logic tags, but found no if/else construct, and
I suspect there is a good reason for this.

Does Struts culture encourage me to somehow move the solution into the
bean itself, or is there a informed, stylish way to deal with this in
the JSP?

Thank you.

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