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From "Leahy, Kevin" <>
Subject RE: Menu Layout
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 11:19:17 GMT
Does anyone know if the menu elements can be generated dynamically?
In my application I have a menu section called 'My Searches'. This section
is drawn up from the database looking for the current users saved searches.
For each search there are various options e.g. edit/view/delete/add user
etc. For each search the current user may only have permission to do some of
them hence they won't always be displayed.
At the moment I'm using a javascript built menu that defines itself at the
top of the jsp using jstl to build the javascipt elemements, but it looks
pretty messy!
If this struts menu system can do what I want I'd prefer to use that.
Can anyone advise on this?

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From: bib_lucene bib [] 
Sent: 12 November 2005 21:36
To: Struts Users Mailing List;
Subject: Re: Menu Layout

Thanks Ted
Perfect thanks.
The only concern I have on this is last release is sept 2004. Is it ok to
use it now. 


Ted Husted <> wrote:
If this is the sort of thing you mean


then try this


-- HTH, Ted.

On 11/12/05, bib_lucene bib wrote:
> Hi All
> I looking for a sample to construct menu. I am using struts and tiles.
> My requirement is I have to show a small image and a name next image in my
menu. Clicking on the menu item body tile should change. I am using
> The problem is I am able to put just text in menu Item, However each menu
item I need has a image and text in each line.
> Please let me know. Code snippet is highly appreciated.
> Thanks
> bib

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