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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: No getter method servlet Exception. using DynaActionForm
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 16:06:56 GMT
fea jabi wrote:

> When I debug after
> DynaActionForm setupForm = (DynaActionForm) form;
> my setupForm is null

Is your struts config as you posted earlier? i.e., the "name" attribute 
refers to a Dyna form that doesn't exist in the "form-beans" section? 
That won't work.

> ModuleConfig moduleConfig =
>>>> RequestUtils.getModuleConfig(request,
>>>> getServlet().getServletContext());
>>>>         FormBeanConfig formConfig =
>>>> moduleConfig.findFormBeanConfig("CustForm");
>>>>         DynaActionFormClass dynaClass =
>>>> DynaActionFormClass.createDynaActionFormClass(formConfig);
>>>>         try {
>>>>             setupForm = (DynaActionForm)dynaClass.newInstance();
> one of the user suggested that when I initialize a form-property in 
> struts-config using initial="true"
> I have to use the above to prepopulate the form.
> is this right?? Am I using at the right place.

If Struts is configured the form will have already been created on entry 
to the Action.

I think you need to back up a step and check your configuration. If you 
post the relevent sections again as they exist now we might be able to 
help you better.

Right now things are wrong, and I find it highly unlikely you would 
_ever_ need or want to instantiate a form inside an Action.


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