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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [OT] JSF Interface Design - Is it Truly Limited?
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 13:07:19 GMT
On 11/14/05, pc leung <> wrote:
> Ronald,
> I am a bit confused that MyFaces and Shale both implements JSF.
> Why you need to use both? why not use one of them?
> What about Struts-Faces? It integrates Struts and JSF.
> Do you consider it?

MyFaces implements JSR 127 (JavaServer Faces), and now the community
is also offering added-value components.

Struts Shale *does not* implement JSR 127. Shale requires that you
provide a JSF implementations, such as MyFaces or the Sun Reference

Shale builds on JSF to provide "front controller" features that many
of us are accustom to using, along with many other goodies like
integration with Commons Valdiator, Spring dependency injection, a
testing framework, and a dialog (wizard) manager.

For more see the Struts Shale homepage.


Struts Faces can be a convenient bridge to help existing application
use JSF along side conventional server pages. But, if you are
developing a new application, and want to use JSF, you'd be better off
trying Shale.


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