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From "alec lee" <>
Subject forwardPattern and Action Relaying
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2005 18:47:07 GMT
I am using modules and placing my JSPs under /WEB-INF.  My understanding is 
that struts support this configuration by using <controller 
forwardPattern="/WEB-INF$M$P" > in my struts-config-module.xml to map 
forward path to the proper module relative URL.

However, what if now I want to relay from one action to another using the 
forward path e.g.

<action path="/actionA"...
  <forward name='...' path="/"/>

<action path="/actionB"...>

The 'path=/actionB' will be replaced by the '/WEB-INF/module/' 
string due to the forwardPattern string.  If I use contextRelative="true" 

  <forward name='...' path="/" contextRelative="true"/>

The path will be relative to the application rather than the current module. 
  What I really need is a way to specify /module/  Can it be 
done?  Or, what should be the best practice when using modules with JSP 
placed under WEB-INF?

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