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From Brian Sayatovic/AMIG <>
Subject Struts ModuleConfig when forwarding between modules
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 23:48:03 GMT
I ran into an instance where an Action in module A is forwarding to a page
that is designed for module B.  However, the resources that the page sees
are the resources from module A.

I'm using Struts 1.1.  I've goine through the source quite a bit.  It seems
the ModuleConfig and resources for a module are set when the ActionServlet
calls RequestUtils.selectModule(...).  This is fine for the action being
processed.  However, if I then forward to a page that's intended to work in
another module, it still finds the module information from the Action's
module in the request attributes.  I don't see anything else that calls
selectModule or otherwise sets up the info.

Is it not recommended to forward to pages built for other modules?  If so,
what is the work around?  I considered action chaining to an action in
module B, but I've been ridiculed for considering action chaining in the

Any suggestions?


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