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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Web Push Technology
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 04:30:34 GMT
Raghu Kanchustambham wrote:
> One thing I am just wondering right now is, whether I need to really run
> this "alerting push" communication over HTTP ? Why not I have the applet
> open a connection to another "plain-socket-listening-server" (not the same
> HTTP server) which keeps the connection 'alive' for this client? The rest of
> application continues to be 'powered' by the HTTP server, but just the
> alerting part can take a different route, where the applet could make a new
> connection to a new server/port and hence cutting out HTTP alltogether!

That's not a bad option... I usually think of HTTP because port 80 is 
usually easier to get traffic through firewalls, but yes, a custom 
protocol on another port works well.  I think most of us have done the 
chat application in Swing project, it seems to be typical when learning 
network programming in Java, and usually you develop your own protocol 
and use it over naked sockets.  Same thing.  (unless you did it with RMI 
like many people do)

> Now I agree, the same security and permissioning concerns remain but just
> wondering if this is a better model though. The firewall needs to open up
> for non-HTTP traffic etc.. but just curious if this makes sense.

Yes, it absolutely does.  I would tend away from it just because you 
would likely run into *MORE* of a hassle with regard to network 
security, but the basic approach is perfectly sound.

> ~Raghu~


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