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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject Re: Struts / Tiles Caching No Frames and Inter Tile communication
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 09:00:59 GMT
Norm ha scritto:
> Is there any "tile caching mechanism" available, or, should we develop some sort of cache
before we go to the business tier so we can redraw all of the tiles anyway? I would like to
make a tile "sticky" when the app knows there is no need to refresh it on any particular interaction.
It seems that you are interested in AJAX, so that you can refresh only a 
part of a page.
A good starting point is:
> Leading on from this, is there any nice mechanisms for inter tile communication? This
is when 1 tile might want to alert another tile about an event.
If you mean CLIENT events, you could share the the JavaScript code 
between different Tiles.
If you mean SERVER events, you cannot do it, since each tile share only 
the same HttpServletRequest.
If you want more control, you can use an Action as a Tile (that 
forwards, when it finishes, to a JSP page for example), or a 
TilesAction, if you want to use some Tiles specific features.
Anyway, notice that Tiles is "only" a mechanism to separate pages to 
promote reuse. They are not portlets, and they'll never will be (Greg 
Reddin is refactoring Tiles code to make it compatible also with portlets).
By the way, why are not you using portlets?

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