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From "Al Eridani" <>
Subject Re: has struts reached the saturation
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 20:15:41 GMT
On 3/20/06, Craig McClanahan <> wrote:

> > To be a meritocracy, more than the already elected committers would have
> > to participate in the election.
> I'll be fascinated to watch you try to sell that approach to Apache at large
> :-).

As I'm not a meritocracy evangelist, whether Apache agrees with me or not
is not that important. I only called attention to an assertion that
distorted the
plain meaning of words.

As societies become more intellectually sophisticated, this doublespeak
becomes more prevalent. You don't see anybody claiming that they
are running their community like a dictatorship; they all claim "democracy",
"meritocracy" and what not. But, as they say where I come from, "tell me of
what you brag about and I'll tell you what you lack".

> Out of the 22 existing committers to Struts, 21 of them followed the "deal
> with it" pattern and got voted in

But, of course! As it is the only way... According to you, the owners of
franchises in the NFL, or the NBA, also run their leagues as a meritocracy,
because they follow rules very similar to yours, eh?

> That's the way Apache projects work.  If you don't like it, you're free to
> run your own project, anywhere else you like, according to whatever rules
> you see fit.

Wow, that's a relief! I thought you were going to forbid me to run my own
project, anywhere else I like, according to whatever rules I see fit.

>From the way you respond it seems to me that you believe I object to the
way your project is run. No, I object to the distortion of calling a meritocracy
what is just a run-of-the-mill club.

> See above for evidence that an alternative really does exist.

Not within your project structure, it doesn't. Which, by the way, is fine with
me. Just don't misrepresent it, please.

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