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From "Al Eridani" <>
Subject Re: The Mytical stagnation
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 23:27:24 GMT
On 3/29/06, Bart Busschots <> wrote:
> Right, as I see it this all boils down to Jon whinning that the struts
> guys are adopting WebWorks for the basis of struts 2 rather than Struts
> 1.X.

And you see it wrongly. Either you came late into this and could not be
bothered to check the archives or your attention span is so short that
you have forgotten already.

It all started when some Struts committers described their relatively closed
environment (limiting who could contribute) and Jonathan wondered
aloud whether that lack of openness had been a contributing factor to
Struts decline.

The question was never addressed because, in the inmortal words of one
of the defenders of the faith, "the question is invalid".

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