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From Hermod Opstvedt <>
Subject SV: SV: SV: [Shale] Backingbean beeing created twice - Almost solved!
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2006 11:50:16 GMT

It seems that this might be a problem with Clay. I created a brand new web
project, and got it working so that it showed a page with Hello on it, and
with a corresponding backing bean, which was being called once. Then I
replaced the "empty" template with the one that I have been using, and voila
my backing bean is suddenly being instantiated twice.

Next step was to start to strip this down, eliminating any possible culprit.
So all clay replacement symbols where removed first, then all meta tags,
then all javascript an stylesheet imports. Still my backing bean is being
instantiated twice. So now I had come so far that I was left with just a
straight forward page with only html tags on it. Still being instantiated
twice. So drastic measures had to be taken - Strip away all except a basic
html-head-body with nothing in it. VOILA - Backing bean is being
instantiated once again.

So now I am going to rebuild the page with the html content, bit by bit
until I can see where it is going wrong.


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